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A Programmer Goes to the Store 

The programmer's wife tells him, "Run to the store and pick up a loaf of bread. If they have eggs, get a dozen."

The programmer comes home with 12 loaves of bread.

Posted by George Shubin 03/10/2014 Categories: joke Programming

Photo Hosting and Selling 

I have just decided to try my hand at selling some of my photographs. Rather than jumping in with both feet and paying a ton of money for a Pro setup at SmugMug or ZenFolio, I decided to test the waters by creating a free portfolio at ShootProof. ... Read more
Posted by George Shubin 08/27/2013 Categories: Marketing Web

Visual Studio / VB.Net Color Names 

Conveniently Listed With Names and Color Samples
Color Name Color Red Green Blue AliceBlue 240 248 255 AntiqueWhite ... Read more
Posted by George Shubin 06/06/2013 Categories: Code Development Programming Visual Basic

Some Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8 

It’s always more efficient to minimize using the mouse. Keep your hands on the keyboard as much as possible. Knowing some of these Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts will enhance the enjoyment of your Windows 8 experience. Try to memorize as ... Read more
Posted by George Shubin 02/06/2013 Categories: Windows 8

Three Big Myths About Custom Mobile App Development 

  People have many ideas when it comes to custom mobile application development, and most of them are negative. Now is the time for us to set the record straight and BUST the 3 Big Myths About Custom Mobile App Development! The Myths 1. Myth -... Read more
Posted by George Shubin 07/13/2012 Categories: Development Mobile Programming

Don't Make These Five Mistakes When Choosing A Custom Computer Programmer 

  There are many good reasons to choose a custom computer programmer. However, avoiding these 5 mistakes when choosing the correct programmer will help you get exactly what you want from your customized computer program. Five Things To... Read more
Posted by George Shubin 07/09/2012 Categories: Consulting Development Programming

Custom Mobile Apps 

  It Is Possible To Find Brilliance In A Land Of Annoying Mobile Applications If you are one of those lucky people who have a super speed super charged mobile device that allows you to become Superman or Superwoman instantaneously, the rest of... Read more
Posted by George Shubin 07/05/2012 Categories: Development Mobile Programming

The Bill Gates Guide to Custom Software Development 

  Bill Gates started off wonderfully when it came to custom software development.  As the co-writer of the first language for a basic computer, Gates was the pioneer in telling a computer exactly what he wanted it to do.  As he had his genius... Read more
Posted by George Shubin 06/29/2012 Categories: Business Consulting Development Programming

Warning: the Seven Sins of Custom Computer Programming 

  These seven sins of custom computer programming might not always be deadly, but they can lead to loss of life if the programmer is around when the new software is tested in the office! 1. Create programming in such a hurry to meet a deadline... Read more
Posted by George Shubin 06/25/2012 Categories: Development Programming

Web Application Development: Five Things You Need to Know 

  Web application development has been big business since the advent of the Internet, it is a global front. Investors wanted to jump on board, and so did those who realized that web development was the next big thing. It is the only way to let the... Read more
Posted by George Shubin 06/19/2012 Categories: Development Web
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